Miniature Donkeys For Sale
I purposely keep my herd small and therefore only occasionally have donkeys for sale. It is very important to me that my donkeys be placed in a home where they will receive the same quality care they get here. Each donkey is handled early and receives a lot of TLC and individual attention daily. Foals are not weaned until 5 months of age and will not be ready to leave
before then. They all receive yearly vaccinations, are on a rotating deworming schedule and
receive regular visits from their favorite farrier.

Please note that donkeys are herd animals and much prefer there own kind. Therefore, when
a donkey becomes available, it must be placed in a home with another donkey companion, not with a horse or goats.  You also must have an enclosed barn, paddock area and adequate space for grazing and exercise.  


Hidden Acres Farm


Hidden Acres Checkers
DOB: April 21, 2017
Height: 20.5"
Sire: Hidden Acres Cosmic Cowboy 32" Dark Brown
Dam: Hidden Acres Holly  32" Gray and White Spotted

  Checkers is a very handsome spot who is going to stay on the small side.This little
guy has excellent conformation with a nice solid build and very pretty head. In addition,
he has a fantastic laid-back and loving personality. I can't say enough about this special
little boy. What a cutie!

   Checkers may be sold alone if you already have another donkey. If not, he may be sold
with the gelding listed below at a discounted price. 


Hidden Acres Chicklet
Chicklet is a very friendly 4 year old spotted gelding who is a full brother to Checkers. He spends most of the day running around and playing with his buddies. He loves people and is good with both the farrier and vet. He would make an excellent companion for little Checkers listed above. Dicounted if sold with Checkers.  
Hidden Acres Pride And Joy
DOB: May 9, 2015
Color: Black (NLP)
Height: 35"
Sire Hidden Acres Cosmic Cowboy 32" Dark Brown
Dam: Rancho Rhea Shadow 33" Black (NLP)

   Joy is a really gorgeous jennet that is very correct in every way.Fabulous black color, excellent conformation with a refined build and an impressive 5 generation pedigree with lots of true black and sorrel. This girl has an exceptionally outgoing and friendly personality and follows me wherever I go. She is excellent with both the farrier and vet.
She is truly an exceptionally sweet and friendly girl who will make a wonderful pet or breeding jennet.


Please contact me for pricing and additional information.  

Chicklet and friends!
Checkers and Chicklet
Checkers and Domino